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Video Remote Interpreting

London based interpreting company WISE offers qualified and experienced remote interpreters for online events requiring video remote interpreting. We work with the most popular virtual meeting platforms such as ZOOM, Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Video Remote Interpreting

Remote Interpreting made simple

Wise teams up with professional interpreters who have proven track record of video remote interpreting. Our experience in multilingual event management dates back to the pre-pandemic times!

We offer our remote interpreting service using the most popular virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Jitsi. These platforms offer great flexibility and stability during virtual meetings.

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We excel in multilingual virtual meetings

Project managers at WISE will help you find a remote interpreter relevant to your project. Our skills and experience in managing multilingual events will bring value to your participants.

Remote interpreting also comes with a whole bunch of cost savings. You do not have to bear the travel and accommodation cost associated with hiring a physical interpreter.

Meet globally, in your own language. WISE streams real-time interpretation to your web meetings and live conferences, so everyone can speak in their mother tongue.

Working with WISE

WISE has an extensive experience in managing online virtual events which require interpreting in multilingual context.






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Details about virtual meeting management and remote simultaneous interpreting services.

Interpreting service offered during the virtual meetings is a unique experience and can surely be compared to the physical one. Moreover, remote interpreting has quite a number of advantages over the physical meetings. Cost saving is just one major advantage but your gains are not only limited to that.

Video conferencing platforms are improving everyday. It is therefore becoming more common to have some physical interpreters booth like features being introduced to these platforms.

Yes. If you do not want to commit yourself to purchase a monthly or annual plan for the virtual meeting platforms, you can still use the interpretation feature offered by WISE.

We can support as many languages as the platform we are using supports. We are commonly interpreting in 2-3 languages simultaneously. However minimum one language pair is enough to have this service.

For instance, if you have mixed group of audience where 3 languages are spoken, there would totally be 3 language channels plus one floor channel. Floor channel hosts the language of the meeting i.e. presentations are delivered in English and translated into 3 other languages.

Most importantly, you don’t have to send us the files each time you add content to your website. We do it on-the-go! We can even get your content localized before it is on air in the production environment.

We require our interpreters to meet a minimum connection speed and quality audio hardware. Having completed more than 1500 man/days of remote interpreting since the beginning of Covid19, we have never experienced any quality issues due to our lack of practice.

We all have started to use virtual meeting platforms a lot lately and sometimes we see participants experiencing certain problems. We do everything possible on our hand to enhance your online meeting experience. However participants must also use meet certain connection requirements and hardware such as mics or webcams.

Yes. Platforms such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx or Microsoft Teams are not only for simultaneous interpreting. We can offer any kind of community interpretation or consecutive interpretation service using these platforms.

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